Quick Submission Checklist

To get started: The submitting and corresponding author(s) will be required to register with ERJ Journal in order to be able to follow the review process.

Ensure that your manuscript fits the scope of the Journal/Section/Research Topic in which it will be submitted and that you have chosen the correct article type. Submission of the wrong article type or to a specialty that does not match the scope of your manuscript will result in delays and potentially rejection. For additional details about article types and manuscript guidelines, visit our author guidelines and journal pages.

During submission, the submitting author will be required to answer questions regarding the manuscript and research, as well as provide information and consent for all authors. Below is a checklist detailing the information that will be required.

The following is mandatory when submitting to our Journal;

Author information

All authors must be added in the relevant tab during submission. Please have ready the names, emails, and affiliations of all the authors, and ensure the authors all qualify for authorship.

Blinding the manuscript

a) Remove author names and affiliations from the Title page.

b) Acknowledgments are better removed from the submitted manuscript. If necessary remove author names, affiliations, grant titles and grant numbers.

c) Blind or omit any information abour research location that might give clues to authorship.

File requirements

a) A manuscript PDF file generated from the submitted manuscript, and the source file in word format.

b) All figures in TIFF or JPEG formats, RGB color mode, with a resolution of 300 dpi.

It is the responsibility of the authors to get necessary permissions for re-published/adapted/modified/partial figures, acquire the licenses, to follow any citation instructions requested by third-party rights holders, and cover any supplementary charges.

c) Tables should be directly inserted into the manuscript and in source form (doc, text), not as figures. You should prepare the files accordingly.


Please ensure that the relevant ethical approval and consent details were received and are available on request by the editor or editorial office.